Presidential Museums – Visiting Cincinnati and the Home of America’s 27th President

This is another in a continuing series of travelogue articles showcasing presidential museums, homes, and historical sites. Join us as we visit the Queen City, Cincinnati, and the home of America’s 27th president, William Howard Taft.

President Taft: An Overview

America’s 27th president, William Howard Taft, was born in Cincinnati just before the Civil War. He pursued the legal profession early in his career, which ultimately led him into public service and politics. In the 1908 elections, he won the presidency and served in office until 1913.

Taft is the only U.S. president who also served as chief justice of the Supreme Court, a position Taft held in higher regard than the presidency. He was appointed to the court by President Harding and served for several years until just before his death in 1930.

The Taft Home In Cincinnati

Located about a mile north of downtown, the Taft Historic Site welcomes visitors free of charge. This is the home where the future president lived up until the time he left for Washington.

Guided tours are conducted daily by National Park Service rangers. You will see period rooms which have been restored to their appearance when Taft lived here, along with fascinating political memorabilia from Taft’s presidential campaign.

An overview of his many accomplishments as president and chief justice are spotlighted, and you can stroll around the grounds to see the home’s exterior and the adjacent visitors center.

Visiting Cincinnati

Nearby in downtown Cincinnati, there are numerous attractions, especially along the Ohio River. Take a river cruise in the summer, or dine in one of the many waterfront restaurants with a view of the Cincinnati skyline.

While you’re here, be sure to try the chili at either Skyline, Gold Star, or Camp Washington, three of the area’s best known chili parlors. The chili is a slightly sweet, slightly spicy mixture that is served over spaghetti, along with onions, cheese, and beans.

For an historic lunch in a beautiful urban courtyard, we recommend Arnold’s Bar and Grill on 8th Street downtown. This is Cincinnati’s oldest bar and restaurant, open since 1861. Try one of the daily specials and soak in the historic ambience.

Just a mile from downtown, and almost straight up, is a well known city entertainment area, Mt. Adams. Here you’ll find specialty shops, restaurants, and nightlife options dotting the narrow, winding streets. An under the radar gem is the City View Tavern, well known for its outdoor deck overlooking the city below. They have a limited food menu but be sure to try a mettwurst, a mildly spicy sausage that is famous in these parts.

There are numerous other attractions in and around the city, like a world class aquarium and the famed white Bengal tigers at the Cincinnati Zoo. You’ll find an active local sports scene, dozens of great local restaurants, and a real sense of history.


Accessible from just about anywhere in the country, Cincinnati is an ideal weekend destination. Visit the home of America’s 27th president, William Howard Taft, and then explore the many attractions and great local cuisine the city has to offer.

Gaysorn Shopping Mall – A Classy Shopping Experience!

Entirely different from the normal hustle and bustle connected with Bangkok shopping, the stylish and immaculate Gaysorn shopping mall caters to the sector of shoppers looking for convenience and high end quality.

Situated in Ratchaprasong- which itself is a well known shopping destination- this marble five storey shopping complex with over 100 stores, oozes luxury and first class customer service.

The mall is home to a varied selection of international designer and flagship stores, that include the likes of Louis Vitton, Fendi, Givenchy, Prada, Hugo Boss, Emporio, Omega, Tumi, Gucci, Armani, TAG Heuer, La Perla, Daks and many more. It also offers famous Thai designers known for their unique touch such as Senada Theory, 27 Friday, Sretsis, Fly Now, Tango, Kai Boutique and Myth.

What stands out however about this beautiful mall is its exemplary service. The well mannered concierges are most helpful in every way. The valet service too is exceptional. As part of their ‘Purely Gaysorn’ experience, the mall also offers the facility of multi-lingual staff, making shopping a comfortable and confident experience.

Apart from fashion options, the mall also carries an impressive range of items in the categories of antiques, home decor items, textiles and furniture.

A range of exquisite gold and diamond creations as well as silver and decorative jewellery items are available.

Gaysorn also offers fine dining in the form of delightful restaurants and cafes, with tantalising dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. The choice is endless and the customer is king! With all these unique features, Gaysorn is certainly emerging as a fine quality lifestyle shopping paradise. The mall is open from 10 – 8pm each day, and parking is free on weekends.

Presidents Day History Facts and Traditional Party Theme Ideas

A favorite holiday for shoppers, Presidents Day is the last chance for retailers to unload less than popular winter merchandise before restocking for spring. The only aim is to clear the shelves so stores offer rock bottom prices in order to cut their losses. It is an effective strategy since lots of people in February have cabin fever and are ready for some semi-serious recreational shopping.

It is not certain how Presidents Lincoln and Washington, whose birthdays were fused in order to form one legal holiday, would have felt about those bargains named in their honor. Washington endured cold, wintry battlefields probably wishing he had a new, warm coat or boots. Lincoln would have understood the shopping fever: historians say that his wife, Mary Todd, was a shopaholic. Any tribute is better than no tribute.

Back at the home hearth, especially in snowy regions, Presidents Day is a fun break from the monotony after Christmas. It’s a great time to get some extra mileage out of red decorating items or paper party goods. Young children who are getting their first exposure to early American History lessons find reinforcement of those schoolroom lectures when the holiday is celebrated at home.

A cherry pie is a traditional reminder of the Washington chopping down the cherry tree story–even if the validity of said story is under current scrutiny. Gold wrapped chocolate candies could allude to both the story about tossing the coin across the Potomac River and the fact that Presidential profiles end up on currency much of the time.

Yankee pot roast or Boston baked beans with brown bread are fitting fare for such an historic menu. Pewter plates or tankards can hold paper napkins or plastic flatware. A red gingham tablecloth and wooden bowls and implements complete the humble theme.