US Presidents Sites – Visiting the William McKinley Presidential Museum in Canton, Ohio

The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum is unlike any other presidential museum. Originally intended solely as the final resting place for our 25th president, it has effectively reinvented itself as a museum campus of sorts. The site appeals to not only those interested in McKinley and presidential history, but students of other scientific disciplines as well.

Located not far from Interstate 77 in Canton, Ohio, the towering memorial can be seen for miles. McKinley was tragically assassinated in September, 1901 and was laid to rest in a temporary tomb until a suitable memorial could be planned and built. Six years later, the McKinley Memorial was dedicated, and it is where the president and his family are entombed.

Today, fitness enthusiasts walk or jog the 108 steps leading to the entrance of the memorial, and it is a popular gathering place for school groups, continuing education classes, and visitors. On site, the visitor will find an active planetarium, exhibit space dedicated to McKinley memorabilia, and rotating exhibits focused on various aspects of American history.

One of the more popular attractions is the Street of Shops, a museum like exhibit of shops circa 1900. Various artifacts from that time period are displayed, like early model fire engines and machinery used in that era. There is also a museum shop on site which carries a wide variety of items appealing to all interest levels.

The site is open daily and there is a nominal admission charge. Visitors should allow about an hour to see all the various exhibits, which rotate frequently and often feature items from the Smithsonian and other presidential museums.

While McKinley and his family once owned a home in Canton and planned to return here after his second term as president, the home was not preserved and no longer exists. The home of his wife, also located in Canton, is now the First Ladies Library, dedicated to America’s first ladies. The building is where the McKinley family lived when the future president and his wife were first married.

Canton is also known for several popular local restaurants in the nearby downtown area, any of which make a perfect stop for lunch or dinner. The city is probably best known for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, located a short five minute drive from the McKinley memorial museum.

If you are traveling to or from Cleveland, we highly recommend a stop in Canton. For sports fans, the Football Hall of Fame is a must see, while anyone with even a passing interest in history will enjoy a visit to the McKinley museum campus.

President Palace Hotel in Bangkok – Extraordinary Facilities and Amenities

Bangkok, for all its modern hustle and bustle, is a royal city with elegance, style and genteelness running through its veins. This is the city of angels, the happy city and the eternal jewel city, if Bangkok’s long name is to be the basis of judgment alone.

Why then should your accommodations while in Bangkok be any different than elegance, style and genteelness impersonated? Look to the President Palace Hotel in Bangkok for apartments that will make even the angels sing and, more realistically, make you happy with the facilities, amenities and services provided by the staff and management.

Remarkable Structure

Ideally located on Bangkok’s central business district, Sukhumvit Road, the President Palace Hotel is in near proximity to every entertainment, shopping and dining establishments that matter in your stay. If you have already explored the area around the hotel, walk to the MRT station or the Nana BTS Skytrain station for rides to the other parts of the city.

After your explorations, go back to the hotel and be reminded once again why President Palace Hotel was your first choice in excellent accommodations. Its building is a remarkable sight after the drab hotels of yore in your travels – modern with Asian sensibilities, strong and yet welcoming with its glass walls, and graceful like the Thais.

Extraordinary Facilities and Amenities

Its impressive building is just the precursor to the equally impressive facilities and amenities offered by the President Palace Hotel. Let’s start with the iPad and iPod Dock, which makes for great convenience for travelers although emphasis must be made on the fact that this is only available for Club Floor bookings.

The Club Lounge located on the 16th floor is exclusively reserved for the use of the Club Floor guests as well as the guests booked in the Superior Club and Deluxe Club rooms. Many complimentary services are available for Club Floor guests including breakfast, snacks and pre-dinner cocktails, seasonal fruit basket upon arrival, unlimited in-room Internet access and laundry and ironing services.

The fitness center, however, is free to use for all in-house guests. State-of-the-art fitness equipment is complemented by a flat-screen television equipped by satellite and music channels. Swim in the swimming pool, drink cocktails from the Splash Bar and just relax inside your room in any way you desire.

Impressive Rooms

The rooms are as impressive, if not more so, than the rest of the public areas and for good reasons, too. You have a choice between luxurious accommodations like the Superior Rooms and the Deluxe Rooms.

The Superior Rooms boast of a large living area with a work table and desk lamp, 32-inch LCD flat screen television, and luxurious leather sofa. Other amenities include Wi-Fi access, alarm clock/radio, minibar and electronic safe box. Did we mention that each room has magnificent views of Bangkok’s skyline?

The bathroom is luxurious as well, thanks to the modern facilities including the bathtub and shower area complete with the toiletries sink. The beds, which are either king-size or twins, are as comfortable as can be expected from such a top-rate hotel.

As clich̩ as it may sound, the President Palace Hotel will make you feel like the president Рor any royal, for that matter Рfor a reasonable price.

President Obama Halloween Mask

Every United States President has had their share of fans who would like to dress up like them for Halloween in honor of their hero. Every United States President has also had their detractors who would like to dress up like them so that they can ridicule, mock and deride the country’s leader. This year will be no different with President Barack Obama, and the masks that are available to wear to carry out either the honoring or mocking as the case may be.

Made of flexible and pliant latex, the Barack Obama Halloween mask is the perfect way to cap off your own presidential look- stage mock protests, debates or other political shenanigans. You can gather together groups of friends and everyone could dress as their own version of President Obama, real or imaged. Consider this: a Barack through the decades: one could be 60’s Barack with a radical, militant look, and another could be 70’s Barack with a disco fro and bell bottom jeans.

Stage a presidential debate with past presidents including Washington and Nixon, whose own mask continues to be a brisk seller to this day for most Halloween shops. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your own imagination.

If you plan to stick to the basics and authentic, make sure that you are wearing a well tailored suit, and power tie with your President Barack Obama mask and that you pay attention to his mannerisms and speech patterns. President Obama has good diction and a solid command of the English language so there are no huge blundering gaffes or miscues to make fun of- nor has he had any major catch phrases that the spin doctors are ready to run into the ground.

For now, you can just wear the mask and go with the major historical fact that this is our very first African-American president ever. Love him or hate him that is something very special indeed.