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Going From Top Salesperson to Sales Vice-President Destroys Life, Conclusion

Posted on November 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Larry’s wife saw the frustration in her husband’s demeanor. Gone were his deep-belly laughter, smiling, and ability to get a good night’s rest.

After nearly a decade as his company’s leading salesman Larry was now a joyless Sales Vice-President. Neither Larry nor his wife was happy with the way things had worked out.

His wife pointed out an ad for an Advanced Leadership Certificate program at the local Community College. After a little encouraging they decided that he should take a few classes to see if they could help him.

As instructor of the class I saw Larry sitting in his seat the first night. The burden of his worries was evident in every aspect of his body language. At the end of the first class Larry lagged behind and shared his story with me. Not only was he struggling with the weight of discouragement from being in a position for which he had not been trained he was having difficulty dealing with being the only vice-president not related to the owner.

Larry and I agreed he would benefit from some one-on-one coaching with me. I asked him to take a quick online assessment so I would know his personal weaknesses, strengths, motivational factors, and career interests. When I read the results of his questions there was only one logical conclusion — Larry was in the job of his dreams!

Why dream jobs can be torturous

Now many will wonder how someone can have the perfect job and not find happiness. Life has taught me this is often true. Dream jobs are usually aligned with someone’s interests are not always aligned with motivational factors and exposed talents.

Take for example the person who loves to make sandwiches. They decide to open a sandwich shop. Things generally run well at first but soon they will struggle with the other aspects of running a sandwich shop. Taxes, payroll, procurement, maintenance, and other business requirements for which they were not trained nor had the motivational interest will overcome the joy of making sandwiches. The focus will turn from creating beautiful sandwich masterpieces to total frustration at making challenges for 48 hours a week.

Larry’s mistake

Larry’s main problem was that he loved sales too much. During those times when he should have been coaching the salespeople he was taking over the sales call completely. The salespeople were becoming frustrated because they wanted to sell themselves and saw his intervention as a lack of confidence in their abilities. They dreaded hearing that he would be joining them on one of their sales calls. Instead of learning from the best salesperson the company had ever had they were so filled with negativity they learned nothing but resentment.

Larry’s change

Larry began to concentrate his listening skills on the salesperson’s approach to a prospect. He fought the urge to jump down during a sales call preferring to work with the salesperson after the call helping the salesperson to realize what the customer wanted and what the company had available to meet those needs.

Over the course of our coaching experience Larry saw how to make the Transformation from the talents of the salesperson to the talents needed by the sales vice president.

Six months later he completed the coaching program saying the fire is back in his belly and he “looks forward to work every day”. His peers commented that there was a “new” Larry — one that was fun to work with side-by-side.

The following season Larry’s company experienced a double digit sales increase, almost reaching their capacity to deliver product. This was in spite of the beginning stages of an economic downturn.

Gaysorn Shopping Mall – A Classy Shopping Experience!

Posted on November 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

Entirely different from the normal hustle and bustle connected with Bangkok shopping, the stylish and immaculate Gaysorn shopping mall caters to the sector of shoppers looking for convenience and high end quality.

Situated in Ratchaprasong- which itself is a well known shopping destination- this marble five storey shopping complex with over 100 stores, oozes luxury and first class customer service.

The mall is home to a varied selection of international designer and flagship stores, that include the likes of Louis Vitton, Fendi, Givenchy, Prada, Hugo Boss, Emporio, Omega, Tumi, Gucci, Armani, TAG Heuer, La Perla, Daks and many more. It also offers famous Thai designers known for their unique touch such as Senada Theory, 27 Friday, Sretsis, Fly Now, Tango, Kai Boutique and Myth.

What stands out however about this beautiful mall is its exemplary service. The well mannered concierges are most helpful in every way. The valet service too is exceptional. As part of their ‘Purely Gaysorn’ experience, the mall also offers the facility of multi-lingual staff, making shopping a comfortable and confident experience.

Apart from fashion options, the mall also carries an impressive range of items in the categories of antiques, home decor items, textiles and furniture.

A range of exquisite gold and diamond creations as well as silver and decorative jewellery items are available.

Gaysorn also offers fine dining in the form of delightful restaurants and cafes, with tantalising dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. The choice is endless and the customer is king! With all these unique features, Gaysorn is certainly emerging as a fine quality lifestyle shopping paradise. The mall is open from 10 – 8pm each day, and parking is free on weekends.

Presidential Sites – Visiting Kinderhook, New York and the Home of America’s 8th President

Posted on November 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

Welcome to another in a series of travelogue articles highlighting historic sites related to America’s presidents. Located in mid state New York about 25 miles southeast of Albany, the charming town of Kinderhook is home of the farm and restored mansion of America’s 8th president, Martin Van Buren.

Visiting Kinderhook, New York

Kinderhook is a perfect half day trip from Albany, the capital of New York. You’ll find all sorts of things to see and do in Albany, which has the bustle of a government town. Kinderhook is slower paced and small, a typical upstate New York charming small town.

If you enjoy antique shopping, the area around Kinderhook is ideal. Over 35 antique stores dot the streets of Kinderhook and adjacent towns. The quaint downtown area is perfect for a stroll and to stop in one of the local shops or restaurants.

Presidential Trivia

Everyone is aware of the phrase “OK”, but do you know how it originated? Credit goes to Martin Van Buren, whose nickname was “Old Kinderhook”. In letters and memos to staff, he frequently signed off with “OK”, which from his perspective meant “off to Kinderhook”. The abbreviation stuck and morphed into the meaning we know today.

The Home Of America’s 8th President: Martin Van Buren

After winning the 1836 election, Martin Van Buren became the 8th president in early 1837. Not long afterwards, the country sank into a recession. This, coupled with increasing tension between northern and southern states, prevented Van Buren from being elected to a second term. And yet, during his one term, he was well noted for his diplomatic abilities. He successfully navigated the United States through difficult political issues with England and Spain.

He ran for president twice more, in 1840 and 1844, but was defeated both times. This beautifully restored mansion, named Lindenwald, was where he not only conducted his campaigns, but met with prominent leaders and celebrities of the day. In his later years, Van Buren was a respected elder statesman who continued to impact the country until his death in 1862.

From late May through October, Lindenwald and the surrounding grounds are open to visitors. Tours are given on the hour, with tickets available at the adjacent visitors center. Once inside the mansion, you will be taken through many of its 36 rooms, complete with many original furnishings and items from Van Buren’s presidency and family life.

The Lindenwald Estate is just three miles south of Kinderhook and is a popular gathering spot for school groups and the site of numerous special events. It is not too far from the Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York, making it an ideal stop for those interested in American and presidential history.