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American Presidents Historic Sites – Visiting President Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in Nashville

Posted on October 11, 2018 in Uncategorized

This is another in a series of travelogue articles about U.S. presidents historic sites. Our 7th president, Andrew Jackson, built a beautiful home with spacious ground just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. That homestead still welcomes thousands of visitors every year…

Andrew Jackson: An Overview

Andrew Jackson, America’s 7th president, held the office for two terms, ending in early 1837. He returned to his plantation home, The Hermitage, just outside of Nashville and commenced a meticulous remodeling project of the home, which had been damaged by fire three years earlier.

Jackson himself was a self made man who had lost his entire family to illness and tragedy by the time he was 14. He studied law and enlisted in the military, becoming a national hero in the War of 1812.

He soon entered the world of politics, running unsuccessfully for president in 1824 despite handily winning the popular vote. He won the election of 1828 and 1832, and had many notable achievements as president. After leaving office, he continued to be an influential national figure until his death in 1845.

Visiting Nashville And The Hermitage

Nashville, a vibrant city in central Tennessee. is a center for the music industry. Be sure to visit the Grand Ole Opry while you are here, and stop in at one of the many downtown Nashville bars to catch up and coming music acts.

The neighborhood known as the West End, just minutes from downtown, is a walkable shopping and dining area favored by visitors and locals alike. Vanderbilt University and other colleges call Nashville home, lending a youthful, energetic vibe to the city.

Nashville is also a foodie town, well known for its many excellent local restaurants serving a variety of innovative cuisine. There are numerous great choices downtown, in the West End, and in the suburban areas.

The Hermitage is located about 15 minutes east of downtown, and it is open every day for visitors. A visitors museum details Jackson’s life and career, and an introductory overview film is available for those not familiar with his place in American history.

Also on the spacious grounds is the mansion Jackson lived in, restored to the late 1830’s time period when he returned from Washington. Many of the furnishings are original, as is much of the wallpaper. Numerous Jackson artifacts are displayed, and it is fair to say this is one of the best preserved early presidential homes.


Both Nashville and The Hermitage, located minutes from downtown, are an excellent destination choice for those interested in American and presidential history. Nashville is a thriving, lively city and an epicenter for the music industry. Meanwhile, The Hermitage is one of the best examples of historic home preservation in the country.

Both The Hermitage and Nashville are appropriate for all ages and interest levels, making this a perfect weekend travel destination.