Presidents Day History Facts and Traditional Party Theme Ideas

A favorite holiday for shoppers, Presidents Day is the last chance for retailers to unload less than popular winter merchandise before restocking for spring. The only aim is to clear the shelves so stores offer rock bottom prices in order to cut their losses. It is an effective strategy since lots of people in February have cabin fever and are ready for some semi-serious recreational shopping.

It is not certain how Presidents Lincoln and Washington, whose birthdays were fused in order to form one legal holiday, would have felt about those bargains named in their honor. Washington endured cold, wintry battlefields probably wishing he had a new, warm coat or boots. Lincoln would have understood the shopping fever: historians say that his wife, Mary Todd, was a shopaholic. Any tribute is better than no tribute.

Back at the home hearth, especially in snowy regions, Presidents Day is a fun break from the monotony after Christmas. It’s a great time to get some extra mileage out of red decorating items or paper party goods. Young children who are getting their first exposure to early American History lessons find reinforcement of those schoolroom lectures when the holiday is celebrated at home.

A cherry pie is a traditional reminder of the Washington chopping down the cherry tree story–even if the validity of said story is under current scrutiny. Gold wrapped chocolate candies could allude to both the story about tossing the coin across the Potomac River and the fact that Presidential profiles end up on currency much of the time.

Yankee pot roast or Boston baked beans with brown bread are fitting fare for such an historic menu. Pewter plates or tankards can hold paper napkins or plastic flatware. A red gingham tablecloth and wooden bowls and implements complete the humble theme.

My Shopping Genie Review – Is It A Dream Come True?

It will soon be obvious that My Shopping Genie is no genie in a bottle or a pipe dream. It is a subsidiary of parent company My Net Universe Inc which is situated in Creve Coeur, Missouri, and that’s where this wizard’s story begins.

My Shopping Genie – Leadership

My Shopping Genie is directed by President David Freed who has a far-reaching history in direct sales and network marketing. In researching his history I found that he was formerly the National Marketing Director for a company called GMT (Get Moving Today). When I tried to access the company’s website it was no longer there. There is a lot of not so pleasant info on the internet concerning GMT.

Now just because GMT had its problems does not mean that My Shopping Genie is a scam or is involved with anything else that’s not above-board. Do not forget though what I’ve said in many previous reviews. That is when fact-finding in an MLM company you look at the age of it and the newer it is the harder you look at the leadership. Bruce Bise, who was listed as the President and CEO of GMTis now recorded as being the co-founder and master distributor of My Shopping Genie.

My Shopping Genie – The Products

The My Shopping Genie product is an application (genie) which you can download for free and install on your computer, then have access to just about any other product with an affiliate program. The idea or goal is that when you are shopping for something online the genie searches the internet for the best deal. Now it is free as long as you are just a user. If you want to benefit monetarily well, that’s another story.

My Shopping Genie – Getting Started and Comp Plan

Supposing you should decide you want to get involved with My Shopping Genie as a distributor it will cost you $199. Having become an IGD (Independent Genie Distributor) you’ll receive a distribution license with which you can give away free genies that will have your brand id encoded into them. When a shopper purchases something you get a piece of the action. That is as long as it’s a participating affiliated merchant and you’re registered with them.

With My Shopping Genie you also receive a tutorial program to help you get started. You get a customizable branding tool, an advertising system, a coupon creator, a business profile builder, a communication tool and a communication system. There is a $29 a month maintenance fee for your website etc.

There are 9 ways to earn income with My Shopping Genie:

Affiliate Commissions
Affiliate Override Bonuses
Genie System Sales ($100 Fast Start Bonuses)
12 N 12 Bonus Pool (Time Sensitive)
Dual Team Pay Commissions
Global Power Check Match
Diamond Check Match
Diamond Affiliate Income Pool
Diamond Power Leadership Pool

My Shopping Genie – The Bottom Line

At the outset I think this is really a pretty cool idea. I mean it’s an affiliate program for a lot (I would hope) of different merchants and products. I don’t have the time here to burrow down and see who they have on board and exactly what the commissions are. People have been making money with affiliate programs for a long time so that part of it is very appropriate.

For me you’re either going to be an affiliate or you’re going to get involved with network marketing. Not get involved with network marketing in order to become an affiliate. It doesn’t feel right to me for other reasons too but I’m about out of space here.

If you decide to get immersed in My Shopping Genie you have to come up with a way to find people to get on board with you after you run out of family and friends. You WILL need a mentor and a system

The bottom line is your success will depend on whether or not you can sponsor new people. The main thing you have to do is learn from someone how to market your business and generate leads.

President Obama Halloween Mask

Every United States President has had their share of fans who would like to dress up like them for Halloween in honor of their hero. Every United States President has also had their detractors who would like to dress up like them so that they can ridicule, mock and deride the country’s leader. This year will be no different with President Barack Obama, and the masks that are available to wear to carry out either the honoring or mocking as the case may be.

Made of flexible and pliant latex, the Barack Obama Halloween mask is the perfect way to cap off your own presidential look- stage mock protests, debates or other political shenanigans. You can gather together groups of friends and everyone could dress as their own version of President Obama, real or imaged. Consider this: a Barack through the decades: one could be 60’s Barack with a radical, militant look, and another could be 70’s Barack with a disco fro and bell bottom jeans.

Stage a presidential debate with past presidents including Washington and Nixon, whose own mask continues to be a brisk seller to this day for most Halloween shops. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your own imagination.

If you plan to stick to the basics and authentic, make sure that you are wearing a well tailored suit, and power tie with your President Barack Obama mask and that you pay attention to his mannerisms and speech patterns. President Obama has good diction and a solid command of the English language so there are no huge blundering gaffes or miscues to make fun of- nor has he had any major catch phrases that the spin doctors are ready to run into the ground.

For now, you can just wear the mask and go with the major historical fact that this is our very first African-American president ever. Love him or hate him that is something very special indeed.