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President Obama Halloween Mask

Posted on October 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Every United States President has had their share of fans who would like to dress up like them for Halloween in honor of their hero. Every United States President has also had their detractors who would like to dress up like them so that they can ridicule, mock and deride the country’s leader. This year will be no different with President Barack Obama, and the masks that are available to wear to carry out either the honoring or mocking as the case may be.

Made of flexible and pliant latex, the Barack Obama Halloween mask is the perfect way to cap off your own presidential look- stage mock protests, debates or other political shenanigans. You can gather together groups of friends and everyone could dress as their own version of President Obama, real or imaged. Consider this: a Barack through the decades: one could be 60’s Barack with a radical, militant look, and another could be 70’s Barack with a disco fro and bell bottom jeans.

Stage a presidential debate with past presidents including Washington and Nixon, whose own mask continues to be a brisk seller to this day for most Halloween shops. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your own imagination.

If you plan to stick to the basics and authentic, make sure that you are wearing a well tailored suit, and power tie with your President Barack Obama mask and that you pay attention to his mannerisms and speech patterns. President Obama has good diction and a solid command of the English language so there are no huge blundering gaffes or miscues to make fun of- nor has he had any major catch phrases that the spin doctors are ready to run into the ground.

For now, you can just wear the mask and go with the major historical fact that this is our very first African-American president ever. Love him or hate him that is something very special indeed.